Hi! This is Suriyadeepan from Puducherry, India. I’ve done this many times before. Start a new blog, introduce myself, write about what is going on currently and then forget about the blog altogether. I just need a place to log my activities. The problem is that there are too many solutions and being who I am, I tend to try a lot of different things and not stick to one platform. Well, this is me putting my roots down. Choosing one platform and sticking to it.

Beautiful Jekyll template seems, well, beautiful. And simple.

What will I do differently this time? To keep the blog alive, I need to log an entry at least once a week. It’s not like my life is boring. Lots of interesting events happen every week. This time the focus is on the frequency of logging instead of quality of content.

What can you expect here?

  1. Transhumanism
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Cognitive Architectures
  4. Mesh Networking and Community Networks
  5. Utopian Dream : Smart Solar-powered cities
  6. Peer Production