Flask : Quick Start

A quick intro to flask

Yesterday 6th June, I participated in a tutorial session on Flask, via google hangout (What happened to the chat option?). Ramaseshan arranged the session; he invited Abhinav a flask user, as the speaker. What is Flask? Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2... [Read More]

FSMK Meetup

Discussion on Mesh Networks

After the BangPypers meetup on Saturday, we went to the FSMK office on Sunday 22nd May, to have a discussion on Mesh Networks. We were hoping that this meet would spark some interesting ideas, leading to a Meshnet initiative in Bangalore. “We” being myself, Ganesh, Selvakumar, Ramaseshan and Raj Anand.... [Read More]

BangPypers Meetup

Talks on Mesh Networks

On Saturday 21st May, we traveled to Bangalore to deliver talks on Mesh Networks at BangPypers Meetup. Our friend Ramaseshan, deserves most of the credit for arranging the meet and accommodating us. Overall, it was a successful event. Participants were excited to interact with us and learn about... [Read More]



Hi! This is Suriyadeepan from Puducherry, India. I’ve done this many times before. Start a new blog, introduce myself, write about what is going on currently and then forget about the blog altogether. I just need a place to log my activities. The problem is that there are too many... [Read More]